Prototype Design


We performed an integral role in Circuit Cities new store development programs for many years.  By working as a partner with their own internal design and store planning teams we helped to create and maintain over two dozen prototypical store layouts.  Throughout this service we continued to develop and refine or store design expertise and became very skilled in the issues that impact retail design.  This included such areas as:

• Focals points and navigation cues through the store environment

• Customer circulation with departments with attention to accessibility and egress

• Department adjacencies and product flow

• Security and loss prevention

• Staffing areas and restock access

Not only did we supply layout and design guidance, but we also became experts on the specifics of their store fixtureing through our work maintaining their master fixture manual.  This allowed us to preconceive and resolve fixture installation issues ahead of time as well as maintain a high level of graphic detail and information in each store fixture plan.

Our commitment and expertise in the latest CAD technologies also worked to their benefit.  As we created and maintained the Circuit City prototype store plans, we also developed a set of custom CAD standards that became the standard for all CCS consultants to follow.  Over time we augmented these standards by creating custom routines to improve efficiency and insure consistency for all who worked on the store drawing files.  In the end this culminated in our creation of custom applications that linked fixture drawings and fixture planswith a database to automatically generate fixture and signage requisitions from any fixture plan.