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Virtual Architecture

Written by David Goff
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I am stunned by what Alex Roman has managed to accomplish with this video. Keep in mind, the entire film is computer generated The films title The Third and the Seventh alludes to the early film theory of Ricciotto Canudo, that cinema was a new seventh art form that synthesized the six classic arts of sculpture, painting, architecture, music, poetry, and dance. The films theme being architecture (the third) from the point of view of photography (the seventh). Integrated into this theme, Roman displays the emergence of perhaps an eighth art form, CG. Alex Roman did all of the computer modeling, texturing, illumination, and rendering, as well as the video postproduction and editing, and the sound design and orchestration mixing. A true masterpiece. I look forward to see more from this talented artist in the future. -

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The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.