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About Us


Banerjee & Goff is a full service architectural, store planning and design firm with an array of projects catering to a diverse client base. Since our formation in 1992, we have guided ourselves based on the principles of bringing visionary design and creative solutions to our clients. The scale of our projects ranges from small office spaces to large retail and industrial facilities. Project types include commercial building design and tenant services, retail design and planning, hospitality, Church, and single and multifamily residential.

BGI exceeds client expectations by employing advanced technologies. We feature cutting-edge capabilities, including 3-D visualization and data management, which enable us to enhance efficiency and quality. Perhaps the best testament of our service and commitment to excellence is when a client continues to utilize our services over multiple projects and over multiple years. We have worked with Circuit City for over 16 years, with Belk for over 13 years, with SCDHC for over 9 years and with VSH for over 10 years.

The diversity of our practice enables us to assemble project teams with the expertise required for each new project. We believe our success results directly from our commitment to listen to our clients and turning your vision into reality by implementing innovative design solutions.



  • Soumitra Banerjee

    As Principal-in- charge and Project Manager, Soumitra works closely with the clients throughout the project to access their needs, refine the project scope and integrate with staff production. Soumitra has over 24 years of experience in a myriad of projects ranging from retail and commercial to residential. His technical acumen enables the firm to implement process controls taking full advantage of technology that results in timely completion of projects for otherwise impossible deadlines. Soumitra had been involved with client relations, project development and management, programming, design and quality control since the inception of the firm.

  • David Goff

    David brings a balance of design expertise and project management skill to lead any project. He has over 17 years of experience in retail, commercial and residential design. He is responsible for total coordination efforts of the design team and consultants to develop project schedules, budgets and determines detail scope of a project. He stays involved throughout the design and document process to maintain schedule, budget, integrate 3-D modeling and quality control as well. David is committed to responsive client service from the team and remains available throughout a project to ensure a successful completion.