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Advance Auto Cafeteria


Corporate Cafeteria - more than a lunch room

As a kick-off to their corporate expansion and renovation, Advance Auto Parts wanted to create a café style lunch room that could also function as an informal gathering space for employees.  It was important that this space to convey a sense of their brand and reflect their specific, blue collar, corporate culture.  Their corporate offices are housed within a portion of a older mall, and for the first time, as part of their expansion, they would be able to utilize the interior mall atrium as part of their space.

The chosen location for the café was a prominent corner along the atrium which allowed the opportunity to provide direct contact between the seating areas and the atrium, as well as the creation of an interior facade to identify the café within the atrium itself.  The image and identity of the café conveyed notions of a garage environment through the use of finishes and features.  In addition, the interior color scheme was chosen to reflected the company colors of red, yellow, black and white.